Carton Recycling vs. Reuse

Our cartons are constructed of linerboard that has been wax dipped for water resistance, as are most cartons used in the industry today. Unfortunately, wax treated linerboard cannot be recycled. In addition, some styles of cartons contain fiberglass 'tear tape' imbedded in the linerboard above the hand hold for additional strength.

Please do not attempt to recycle these cartons.

Disposable cartons

Our "disposable" cartons are closed with staples for maximum strength, ensuring the greatest degree of seedling protection. This may be an 'old' method but it remains one of the best ways to create a strong carton. We do not use cartons with the fold-lock tabs commonly used in our industry because they open easily allowing damage to occur to the seedlings inside the carton. Due to the potential hazard to eyes and skin of removing the staples, we do not recommend reusing stapled cartons.

Reusable cartons

Since wax treated cartons cannot be recycled, we have designed our "Bushmaster" cartons to withstand several uses. With reasonable care, a Bushmaster carton can be used 3 or 4 times during summer shipping. This is an effective way of reducing waste as an alternative to recycling. Due to the moisture content inherent in cold storage atmospheres we will not use cartons for more than one cold storage period, although they may be used once in cold storage and again during summer shipping. Call us to see if reusable cartons would be compatible with your shipping and planting program.

Carton care

Please remember that cartons are only made from paper and in spite of the strength inherent in their construction, are easily damaged. Please do not drop them (they break), stack them too high (they crush), drive over them (they flatten), leave them in the sun (the wax melts), or pick them by one hand hold (they tear). With reasonable care, the reusable cartons will last for several shipments. Help us reduce waste.

Remember, the cartons contain live seedlings that must be kept healthy. Abuse of the cartons is also abuse of the seedlings! Don't let it happen.