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At K&C Silviculture, we grow forest seedlings. We take the seeds ... And we grow them into the best seedlings. We provide our clients with the most cost-effective services. We work together with our clients to make our world greener.

Delivery Services

Quality First means having your seedlings arrive at your planting site without delay in the best possible condition. Where our delivery service is required, we coordinate all shipping from start to finish and accept full responsibility for the condition of each load during delivery. Why spend time arranging third party transport? Let us remove the hassle and deliver your seedlings for you.

We can provide refrigerated delivery to any location, including major destinations, rural locations, cold storage facilities and planting sites throughout Canada and the United States. We have successfully delivered in excess of 100 million seedlings across the continent since 1987.

We are experienced in air freight shipments, and ship to any destination through regional airports in Penticton, B.C. and Kelowna, B.C., as well as through international airports in Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, Washington. We can efficiently obtain import permits, phytosanitary certificates and import inspection certificates, and associated documents for customs and customs brokers.

Trucks can be loaded and on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to meet your optimum delivery times. International border clearances can be arranged for any time of day or night where necessary. Our shipping department is available by phone 24 hours a day during the planting period to prevent lost time.

Comprehensive multi-part packing slips are provided with each shipment, clearly indicating all pertinent information, including consignee, project, date shipped, shipping instructions, species, stock type, number of cartons by order, number of seedlings per carton and carton type.

Quality in handling and delivery is important to maintaining the health and vigor of your seedlings. We are not satisfied with anything less than excellence in handling and the on-time delivery of your seedlings. So please email your feedback to our Cold Storage and Shipping Manager David Phillips.