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At K&C Silviculture, we grow forest seedlings. We take the seeds ... And we grow them into the best seedlings. We provide our clients with the most cost-effective services. We work together with our clients to make our world greener.

Staff Biographies

Jorge AvilaGROWER - Jorge Manuel da Silva Avila

Jorge began working in the commercial nursery and fruit tree orchard businesses in 1973. Since 1981, he has developed his career in the commercial production of forest tree seedlings. Jorge has been a part of our K&C family since the beginning, becoming an Assistant Grower in 1984 and serving as one of our Growers since 1987. As of August, 2001, he heads our Crop Management Team which is responsible for the development, planning and implementation of all crop management activities. He continues to help build and strengthen our Nursery Team by sharing his knowledge and experience with his fellow workers. He works hard to refine and improve our crop management techniques and to further develop the technical skills within our Crop Management Team.

Jorge's personal experience includes:

Okanagan University College continuing education courses: