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At K&C Silviculture, we grow forest seedlings. We take the seeds ... And we grow them into the best seedlings. We provide our clients with the most cost-effective services. We work together with our clients to make our world greener.

Mission Statement & Logos

Mission Statement

K&C SILVICULTURE is committed to being THE BEST in the field of providing seedlings for reforestation, reclamation and restoration by:

  • Providing our clients with a reliable, consistent and innovative supply of high quality seedlings well suited to sites and contributing to the earliest development of well stocked, free growing plantations;
  • Providing our clients with relevant research, communication and extension services to further advance their silviculture goals;
  • Providing our employees with a safe workplace, job satisfaction, and opportunities for career growth, and
  • Providing our shareholders with a profitable company.

K&C Silviculture

K&C Silviculture The K&C Logo - respected by professionals across western North America for representing quality plants and services that contribute to the earliest development of well stocked, free-growing plantations.

Bushmaster The Bushmaster Snake - look for it exclusively on reusable cartons from K&C, providing the best in package protection to maintain the quality and vigor of your seedlings from the nursery to the planting site.
The Management and Shareholders of K&C Silviculture are committed to providing the high level of quality products and services to our clients necessary to fulfill our Mission Statement of being "THE BEST".

Achieving this high level of quality requires leadership. Our management is committed to providing this leadership, to developing, recognizing and rewarding leadership in our workforce, and to providing opportunities for people to reach for their potential.

Quality First Our focus on quality of products and services is both client driven and internal and though every effort is made to satisfy the high expectations of quality expected by our clients, we are further committed to the pursuit of improved quality regardless of our clients' level of satisfaction.

All employees must be dedicated to providing high quality products and services, and to maintaining a workplace which respects the contributions of all people to achieving high quality. Our management is committed to ensuring that all employees maintain a quality focused workplace.

Quality depends on consistency in the performance of all jobs from person to person and from day to day. We are committed to developing, controlling and improving all work habits and procedures throughout our company to ensure they provide the highest quality products and services possible.

We promote and encourage the development of long term relationships with suppliers of high quality products and services essential to the quality of our own products and services, and are committed to working with our suppliers for continuous mutual improvement.

Finally, we are committed to regularly evaluating our performance in providing high quality products and services, and to making whatever changes are necessary to maintain the high level of quality products and services necessary to fulfill our Mission Statement of being "THE BEST".