K&C Silviculture Okanagan Operations is a container seedling nursery located in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada (Map).

We first began commercial forest seedling production in 1981 under the name of World Silviculture Ltd., when the B.C. Government established a policy to allow private nurseries to grow seedlings for the B.C. Ministry of Forests. Prior to this time, all forest seedling production in B.C. was carried out in government-owned nurseries.

First year production was 5 million seedlings in a facility consisting of 5 greenhouses and approximately 70,000 square feet of outdoor compound.

Production expanded to 5.7 million in 1982, and to 7.5 million in 1984. We were successful in securing additional contracts in 1985 and embarked on another major expansion to bring the total capacity to more than 11 million seedlings.

In 1987, the B.C. provincial government made another significant policy change, assigning private forest companies the responsibility for all reforestation activity and costs associated with their Crown land operating areas.

This new policy opened up a free enterprise market with many clients. This meant that good stock quality and support services could attract clients, and K&C began an intensive campaign to promote its presence to the forest companies.

By growing quality seedlings and developing services such as cold storage and delivery, we earned the support of many private companies and embarked on another major nursery expansion program. Total production leaped by almost 100 per cent to 21 million seedlings.

Today, K&C operates on 50 acres of land, growing approximately 36 million seedlings a year, in 102 climate controlled greenhouses, 36 shelter houses and 72 outdoor compounds.

We have grown seedlings for a wide variety of clients throughout much of northwestern North America including Alaska, Alberta, B.C., California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Saskatchewan.

Our Nursery in Spring Our Nursery in Summer Greenhouse Building Greenhouse inside West Compound Seedlings 1 Seedlings 2 Packing 1 Packing 2 Earth Day Planting Growing For Tomorrow BBQ 1 BBQ 2

Our client base has included forest companies, native bands, woodlot holders, private landowners, federal, provincial and state governments, institutions, agencies, mining companies, nurseries, farmers, Christmas tree growers and landscapers.

We have one main recieving area for incoming material located in our on site lab. Seed quality is assessed here, as well as inspection of any other plant material we receive for production. Our sowing lines and packing lines are located in buildings in the central corridor of the property. We have 2 shipping areas, one small unit on site and one large unit off site in the town of Oliver, approximately 5 minutes away.

In support of the seedlings we grow, K&C provides a full range of additional services including:

Our Management Team - Their looks and introductions.

South Okanagan Climate - The Town of Oliver is ranked highly as a desirable place to live in Canada, and produces an abundance of agricultural crops. See why.