K&C Silviculture

Growing for Tomorrow

P.O. Box 459, 5564 Hwy 97, Oliver, BC, Canada V0H 1T0
Phone: 250-498-4974    Fax: 250-498-2133

At K&C Silviculture, we grow forest seedlings. We take the seeds ... And we grow them into the best seedlings. We provide our clients with the most cost-effective services. We work together with our clients to make our world greener.

Special Treatments

Treat Code Treatment
BR Block Run
MF Mature Foliage
MF+BR Mature Foliage, Block Run
MF+NSF Mature Foliage, No Slow-release Fertilizer
MT Mini-plug Transplants
NSF No Slow-release Fertilizer
TBS Transplant Base Stock
MY Mycorrhizae Inoculation
PPT Plug to Plug Transplants
IW Individual Wrap
ECC Extended Crop Cycle
FSC FSC Certification Rules
OC Outdoor Compound
SF Shade Frame
GH Greenhouse
LC Lighted Compound
MF+LC Mature Foliage, Lighted Comp Grown
RGT Client's Realized Gain Trial
LEP Lw Early Pruned
LHP Lw Harvest Pruned
LNP Lw Not Pruned