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The K&C cultural team is capable of producing diverse crop programs including summer (1+0 and 2+0), fall (1+0 and 2+0) and spring 1+0. Regardless of the crop type, the team is proud of consistently delivering well-conditioned crops on time. Aside from growing pines and spruces, the team also specializes in the following programs:

  • Early summer delivery (June 1st)
  • Spring Douglas-fir
  • Spring western larch
  • Spring western white pine
Product Development at K & C Silviculture

Product Development

K&C is always on the lookout for innovative ways to serve our clients better. We are actively working with our clients to develop special crop programs that can contribute to their reforestation success. The selected past and current product development projects are listed below:

  • Plug-to-plug transplant project: 815C coastal Douglas-fir
  • Lighted-compound western larch
  • Outdoor white and hybrid spruce programs
  • Less-than-one-year 2+0 spruce program
  • Less-than-one-year plug-to-plug transplant project: 815C coastal Douglas-fir
  • Unheated shelterhouse Douglas-fir program
Picture Seedling Root in Lab

Lab Services

The lab staff at K&C take pride in attending to all aspects of seed care and strive to gather and provide crucial crop information to the management team and clients. The Lab offers a wide range of crop-related services listed below:

  • Seed cleaning and upgrading
  • Seed stratification
  • Germination tests
  • Peat moss screening
  • Salinity and pH tests on growing media
  • Crop inventory
  • Seedling measurements
  • Seedling storability tests
  • Root growth capacity tests

Cold Storage

Fresh product is key to long term success .  We have a full-service cold storage facility to look after your trees in that time period between growing and planting.  We have people and systems that execute quality care to ensure trees are in top form after storage. 

We take a science-based approach to our handling (regimes) and all of our products are tested by our in house lab technicians to ensure optimal tree health.

Our goal is to give your trees the longest shelf life possible and the best chance of survival.

Shipping services at K & C Silviculture


We want to be your partner in all of your successful planting projects. To help ensure long term success, fresh product is key to trees doing well after planting. We have a network of efficient and reliable carriers to ensure our trees arrive when you need them.

We can make your delivery logistics a breeze.

Surplus Seedlings for sale

Surplus Seedlings

From time to time we have surplus trees.  These are extra trees that were grown for an existing client but they did not have areas to use all of them.

Please contact us directly for more information about available surplus seedlings, or check our surplus seedling database for current stock information.

redwood tree, redwood, tree

Safety is our top concern.

K&C Silviculture is dedicated to safe working practices and providing a healthy working environment for all employees and customers. 

We practice strict COVID safety protocols including social distancing, increased cleaning and sanitization, and mandatory masks while on site.