Regimen Partners announces equity investment in K&C Silviculture

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Regimen Equity Partners (“Regimen”) is pleased to announce an investment in K&C Silviculture (“K&C” or “the Company”) in partnership with Brad Powell, K&C’s Managing Director. K&C is Regimen’s sixth platform investment and is its first in Canada’s forestry industry. The Company’s steady recurring revenue nicely diversifies Regimen’s long-term portfolio holdings and has the additional benefit of participating in an industry that supports environmental sustainability.

Established in 1981 and located in Oliver, BC, K&C is Canada’s largest commercial, single site forest seedling nursery providing growing, cold storage, and logistics services to a diverse set of long-term customers in need of fulfilling their reforestation obligations. Customers include forestry companies of all sizes, public and private landowners, native bands, and other stakeholders throughout BC, Alberta, and the US Pacific Northwest. The Company grows a wide variety of conifer species, delivering over 36 million seedlings in 2018, and is well on its way to exceeding that volume this year. Centrally located in the southern Okanagan region of BC, Oliver is a prime agricultural growing region which affords K&C numerous competitive advantages, including more sunshine, drier weather and better logistics.

Regimen purchased an interest in the company in partnership with Brad Powell, a widely recognized and respected leader in the forest seedling industry, who has been leading the Company for the past 30 years. Brad’s former business partner Hakon Komm and his wife Ricki had participated in running the Company since 1987. Sadly, Hakon passed away and Ricki is now looking forward to retiring.

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished at K&C, in both the industry and with our top-quality team, and look forward with great enthusiasm to the next chapter working with Regimen,” Brad Powell said.

Gerry Bellerive, Managing Director at Regimen, added, “Brad has built an exceptionally qualified team with a customer centric culture that was obvious right from our first K&C visit. It’s no wonder we received rave reviews from their customers. Brad and team have invested heavily and strategically, providing a foundation for delivering superior customer results for many years to come. We very much look forward to working with the K&C team to grow the business organically and help facilitate the consolidation trend in the reforestation industry.”

About Regimen Equity Partners

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